These common issues comprise a significant part of women’s healthcare, both in terms of provider time and devoted resources.


The absence or discontinuation of menstrual flows can have many causes.

Normal and Abnormal Bleeding

The workup and management of these problems are presented.

Fixing Birth Control Pill Problems

A detailed understanding of how birth control pills work will lead to a deeper understanding of how to clinically approach the problems that may arise among women using these medications.

Emergency Contraception

The theory and practice of the use of progestins to interfere with fertilization.

Common Bleeding Problems

A description of the problems and their solutions.


This common problem can affect as many as one-third of couples.

Cervical Dysplasia

Sometimes a precurser to cancer of the cervix, an understanding of this process leads to deeper knowledge of the cancer process within the uterine cervix.

Non-Dysplastic Abnormal Pap Smears

Although Pap smears were designed solely for the purpose of screening for cancer of the cervix, it actually can show a number of other unrelated problems.

Avoiding Bladder Infections

Bladder infections are very common among women. This lecture describes the common pathophysiology of bladder infections and provides four simple steps for avoiding them.


This curious problem causes a great deal of discomfort for many women. It’s causes and management are described.

Breast Disorders

While breast cancer is a worrisome breast disorder, there are many others, for which women seek treatment.

Cervical Disease and Neoplasia

This lecture provides an in depth explanation of the relationship between cervical disease and the subsequent development of cancer of the cervix.

Uterine Fibroid Tumors

By the time of menopause, almost half of all women have these smooth muscle tumors within their uterus. Fortunately, most of these cause no symptoms, but for those that do, many good treatments are available.

Adnexal Masses

A description of the general gynecologic problem of an unknown mass in the area of an ovary, the medical evaluation of the mass, and treatment options, depending on what the mass turns out to be.

Induced Abortion

A brief description of the mechanics of pregnancy termination can be very helpful in later dealing with any complications, and for educated counseling of patients.

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