Outpatient Clinic

Dr. Hughey in the Outpatient Clinic
Dr. Hughey in the Outpatient Clinic

Welcome to the Outpatient Clinic. We have a number of patients for you to see.

These patient simulations are flash-based, so they should work fine on desktop or laptop computers and probably not so well on mobile devices.

I’m enclosing a variety of resources which you may find helpful in evaluating these patients. These include a Fetal Weight Chart, and individual medical records for the OB patients that you can review before going in to see them.

OB Patients

Patient Name Clinical Issue
Kathy Nestor // Chart Routine OB Visit at 24 Weeks
Lorna Beyer // Chart New OB Visit
Tina Murphree // Chart Routine OB Visit at 32 Weeks
Agnes Musser // Chart Uncertain Gestational Age
Audrey Hawley // Chart Pregnant with a Sinus Infection
Cheryl Saldivar // Chart Pregnancy with Drug Exposure
Stacey Hockett 1// Chart // Scan Early Pregnancy Loss
Stacey Hockett 2 // Chart // Scan Missed Abortion
Stacey Hockett 3 // Chart // Scan // Specimen Complete Abortion
Claire Clough // Chart Routine OB Visit at 32 Weeks
Diane Stamper // Chart Pregnant with Epigastric Pain
Maureen Patten // Chart Thinks she’s Pregnant
Rhonda Behling // Chart Breast Infection
Roberta Bach // Chart Decreased Fetal Movement

Gyne Patients

Patient Name Clinical Issue
Amelia VanHouten 1 Painful Intercourse
Amelia VanHouten 2 PID
Carolyn Loya Pelvic Mass
Hannah Skeens Amenorrhea
Jayne Poynter Irregular Bleeding and Cramping
Joann Suiter Vaginal Discharge
Katherine Dunaway Painful Urination
Latoya Schilling Two Periods a Month
Nina Edgar Abnormal Pap Smear
Nora Timerlake Headaches during Menses
Phyllis Vaca Irregular Periods
Ruth Puckett Fibroids
Sherry Duff Vulvar Itching
Stephanie Haggerty 1 Breast Lump
Stephanie Haggerty 2 Fibrocystic Breasts
Stephanie Low Black Vaginal Discharge

Last Modified Jun 16, 2016 @ 10:06 pm

Last Modified Jun 16, 2016 @ 10:06 pm

A Training Simulation in Introductory Obstetrics & Gynecology