Dr. Hughey
Dr. Hughey

Hi, I’m Dr. Hughey. I’m glad you’re here and ready to learn about women’s health care.

During this simulated 6-week rotation:

  • You’ll follow a Daily Schedule.
  • We’ll meet Mondays through Fridays, for Teaching Rounds. I’ll discuss some of my patients, emphasizing the “why” and “how” to help you learn.
  • Every day, you’ll go to the Outpatient Clinics to see your own patients. You’ll make decisions and make mistakes, but it’s safe because it’s all simulated.
  • One day a week, you’ll be in Surgery.
  • Each day, we’ll have an Afternoon Lecture or two, and an OBGYN Skills Lab session.

I’ll be using graphical techniques for efficient on-screen learning so I won’t waste your time. If you’d like to speed up the videos (or slow them down) I’ll tell you how to do it here.

I’ve been teaching OBGYN to M3′s for 30 years, and I’m sure this will work for you. Don’t worry, I’ll be around to help.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by this and don’t know where to begin, I’d recommend you start on the first day of your schedule.

I hope you find this material useful. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to me at:


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A Training Simulation in Introductory Obstetrics & Gynecology